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In Doodle Jump you control a tiny green alien that sets on a journey to reach the stars! In his quest, you have to jump from one surface to the next one, in real-time-fast speed! Doodle Jump is truly an “Action packed game”, and a challenging one too!

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Doodle Jump Download!

Jump, Shoot, Jump, fly and Jumppp to the toppp! Doodle Jump, the hot iPhone app of 2011 is now available on your mobile and computer! Guide the cute green doodler on a lively vigorous journey up towards the end of a sheet paper! Doodle Jump is a very fast paced platform game – bounce from one platform to another using devices such as propellers, Jetpacks, Spring Boards, hats & more! You also encounter aliens, black holes, and other bad-ass UFO’s… Use your nose to fire and blast them away! But be warned – Doodle Jump Game is insanely addicting!

Doodle Jump Is PC, XBOX360, Android & Playstation Compatible!