Doodle Jump Game

Doodle Jump is an insanely addictive game created by Lima Sky, where you must guide a cute green four-legged creature, otherwise known as the “Doodler” up a never ending paper sheet. The game is very addictive and may hurt your academic performance so watch out!

Falling down would cause the game to end, and your objective is to fly as high as you can and getting the best possible score! Sounds Easy? Keep Reading!

Doodle Jump Game

But there is more to Doodle Jump that you may think. As you’ll soon find up, although Doodle Jump game is relatively simple in concept, it is extremely difficult to master! In Doodle Jump you’ll have to face blood seeking aliens, dodge sucking black holes, and use propellers, springboards and did i mention jet packs?

Action, Action and some more Action!

Doodle Jump requires constant focus, as aliens appear out of no where trying to eat the cute doodler alive. Use your snout to blast them to pieces, or avoid them by jumping around them! Also, gaping black holes will try to suck you outside the paper sheet, so be sure to stay clear of those! There is no use in firing at a black hole don’t it? Planning a head, fast hand-eye coordination, staying focused and persistence is the name of the game!

In Doodle Jump game you hope from one platform to the next one, using either the doodler’s legs, springs, propellers and the coveted jet pack. Wait, did i mention Doodle Jump gets progressively hard the higher you reach? Shoot, Dodge, Jump, Jump, Shoot, Avoid, Grab, Jump in this never-ending-action-packed-quest! You can also compete with your friends online!

Doodle Jump Platforms

Because of Doodle Jump Game’s hysterical success, Lima Sky has launched additional platforms for Doodle Jump to spice things up a bit, and step up the game a notch! Check out this new cool Doodle Jump Platforms:

Millions of Doodle Jump fans can’t be wrong. Doodle Jump is a best selling app and a serious contender for 2011 app of the year, did you know it has a daily total of 30,000 downloads?

Doodle Jump is available for Computer, Xbox, Android, Playstation and IOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod). So get your favorite version today! Happy Bouncing!